Gavin Robinson

Welcoming Gavin Robinson to the Thinker/Doer Team

Dan Rowland | Culture | January 16, 2017

We’re so pleased to welcome Gavin Robinson to the Rowland team of Thinkers/Doers. He joins us with impressive experience in print (his first love) and digital design and rounds out our powerhouse design team.

Gavin delivers refined and accessible results for everything from magazine launches, publication and brand redesigns, to logos, giving him a special appreciation for listening first and executing with purpose.

He has a BFA in communication design and over 15 years of experience working through the design process to find solutions for brands both large and small.

You can get to know Gavin yourself with this quick interview and learn more about the full team over at our about page. 

How did you become a graphic designer?

It all started with a 2B pencil, some blue-lined paper and a doodling habit. Many years later when I was looking at colleges, one of my art teachers suggested looking into graphic design programs at a few universities and the rest is history. Aside from a couple of years spent building furniture for a living, I’ve been keeping the lights on by kerning type and helping build or focus brands both large and small.

Is there a kind of design that you love the most? Or a kind that you do the most?

I cut my teeth in publishing so print will always be special to me. I enjoy the tangible results and I’ve never gotten a low battery warning from a book or magazine.

What is the first (or weirdest) job you have ever had?

Maybe it doesn’t qualify as a job but it was the first task I was paid to do still stands out as the strangest. I was maybe 10 years old and my dad volunteered me to do some “landscaping”. He dropped me off at an elderly woman’s small home in the middle of a couple of acres of dense woods. My actual job, as she described it to me, was to “pick up all the sticks”. I spent every day that week picking up sticks and by Friday I hadn’t made it more than 15 feet from her front porch.

Favorite food?


Favorite out-of-the-office hobby or super secret skill?

I’ve had a really bad fly fishing problem for over 20 years.

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